Rainbowtail wins at HKICT Awards 2017

In the past year, mobile games have undergone radical transformations with the wide adoption of VR and AR technology (Pokémon Go comes to mind!). The annual Hong Kong ICT Awards is the largest and most prestigious event to recognize innovation and excellence in the area, and Minidragon came out with a surprise win for their first game Rainbowtail, taking the Bronze Award for Best Digital Entertainment (Entertainment Software). At first glance, Rainbowtail is yet another match-3 with no standout fancy new technology, but upon closer inspection it proves to be more than its package.

Rainbowtail is a free game with a rich, colorful world full of collectible pets and an immersive story, capturing the imaginations of players and inspiring positivity in daily life. Wrapping the oldest form of entertainment - storytelling - within addictive and simple gameplay, Rainbowtail is easy to enjoy.

Rainbowtail was also presented at GMGC Manila earlier this year, and placed 2nd in the Indie Pitch Arena, receiving praise from the judge “very clever take on match-3”. The team is very proud to have received local and international recognition, and will be bringing Rainbowtail to Hong Kong this summer in Traditional Chinese! Follow the Official HK Facebook page for more news, and the opportunity to sign up for beta-testing: https://www.facebook.com/rainbowtail.zh

About Minidragon

Minidragon was established in Hong Kong with the goal of creating fun places to escape to, using your phone as the portal. For any inquiries, please drop an email to info@rainbowtail.net.

About the Hong Kong ICT Awards

Launched in 2006 with full support from the office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the annual Hong Kong ICT Awards aim to recognise and promote the achievements of local information and communications technology professionals and organisations working in the ICT innovation and application. For more information please visit: http://www.hkictawards.hk.