Rainbowtail Relaunch Coming Soon

Rainbowtail is coming soon in an all new relaunch.
volvolt For those with Android, you can already get a sneak peek via Early Access (with unlimited currency; however, data will not carry over to live version).

Thanks to everyone who played the legacy version of Rainbowtail, and for giving us all your great feedback and support through all our many changes. The new relaunch is possible thanks to YOU!

The relaunch will have all the same characters you've grown to love, but let's talk about what's new:

  • fully animated Gemlings!
  • Gemling box sorting (a much requested feature!)
  • open world, with side quests
  • full story completion, with all new characters!
  • material gemlings for evolving, from daily quests
  • releasing Gemlings gives currency
  • train each Gemling up to level 5
  • type balance and simplification
  • new music composed by Akari Kaida
  • many special events in store, crossing over with other brands!

Watch the preview video:

For the time being, existing accounts from the legacy Rainbowtail will continue to be maintained separately. In the future, we may consider offering a limited transfer system, such as transferring gems/gembeans and select gemlings from old accounts.

Launch date is set to July 7th, see you on the other side!