Patch 2.8.1

maker MEET THE MAKER in an all-new Event at Rainbow Castle! Unlocks after 50 stars.

brilla Get your paws on an exclusive new Champion by facing off against an army of toys. Its special trait Hyperactive gives it 3 extra moves every round, with no maximum. It just goes on and on and on...

shop Winter Festival in the Shop! 6 new Holiday Gemlings, with 1 Champion. Read about the Event here!
stamp Extra Gems in the Monthly Stamp! Don't forget to claim your free gift!

phone Get a Rainbowtail Case for your phone! Pre-order now for bonus stickers and the best price, on Kickstarter!

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone! Stay warm!

Game Balance:

  • Drop rate of Gemlings increased across the board, by over 200%!
  • Robbean Hood draw now shows images of all drawable eggs, including champion and legendary (no change to draw rate).
  • 18-10 Master Plan is now easier (less Armor Spiders)
  • Skelegon’s base HP minus 50.
  • Raiko's Trait buffed (from +10 DEF to +15 DEF)
  • Bug fixes.