Patch 2.8.0

~~~ Epic Welcome Bundle available in shop, with guaranteed Legendary! Limit 1 per account.

What's New:

  • Leader Gemlings will leap out to help at the beginning of each level!
  • Chests will now always drop a minimum of 5 gembeans (thanks for the suggestion!).
  • You can poke your Gemlings on their profile page.
  • Robbean Hood is now in charge of free & gembean draws (small chance of Legendary and Champion Gemlings).

Other Stuff:

  • Enemies will now show radius when attacking.
  • Damage numbers are more clear.
  • Improved map UI to display player progress.
  • Big Toe has a longer cooldown.
  • Level tweaks and bug fixes.


We always welcome feedback or suggestions, so feel free to reach us at! Happy matching!